Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding is a great way to improve the appearance of your teeth and transform your smile. It’s a Cosmetic Dental Treatment which involves applying a tooth-coloured composite resin to your existing teeth.  

Composite Bonding is a great solution for chipped teeth, misshapen teeth, worn teeth, decayed teeth and teeth with gaps. The resin will be used to build a natural smile.

The Composite Bonding treatment is a non-invasive procedure and the results can be seen immediately. The process takes no longer than a day, and a single visit after could fix minor imperfections.

Design the smile you want.

There are huge benefits to Composite Bonding to perfect your smile. Firstly, with the tooth-coloured resin, you can achieve the desired shape and also the shade of your teeth to enhance your smile. It can also improve the appearance of any broken, chipped or worn teeth as well as improve the appearance of a slight misalignment of your teeth.

With this treatment being non-invasive, there will be no injections or any drilling involved. Making it a more popular option for people with fears of needles and treatment. You’ll also be pleased to know that the process is a simple one and in most cases, bonding is completed in one single visit leaving you to see the results immediately.

If you only have minor issues that you’re looking to fix, and it is more to improve the appearance and symmetry of the teeth, there is a treatment called Composite Edge Bonding which may be your answer. Similar to Composite Bonding, this treatment uses the same tooth-coloured resin and is applied to your existing teeth. However, the resin is only applied to the edge of the tooth to improve the symmetrical appearance and finish of your smile.

Composite Edge Bonding.

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How much does composite bonding cost?

Composite bonding is a relatively uncomplicated dental procedure and therefore is a more affordable option for smile transformation. The cost of composite bonding depends on several parameters, such as:

  •  The extent of the treatment process
  •  Number of teeth under treatment

The cost of composite bonding is £525 per tooth and is dependent on the above factors. for example: 10 teeth composite bonding would be £450 per tooth. 

Composite bonding edges is £300 per tooth. 

Finance is available in some clinics up to 60 months.


Most frequent questions and answers

Your consultation is an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the treatment, allowing Dr Ayad to answer any queries you have and put your mind at rest if you have any concerns. Dr Ayad will assess your aesthetic concerns and discuss with you whether you would be a suitable candidate for the treatment. If you are suitable, photographs will be taken from different angles to allow him to see which of your teeth are actually on display in both smiling and resting positions.

This helps to give you an accurate plan of how many teeth would need to be treated.

Composite Bonding can help! Composite Bonding is a dental procedure that uses tooth-coloured materials to restore your smile. It’s a great option for patients who want to improve their smile without the use of metal implants or porcelain veneers.

Composite bonding is the process of applying a tooth-coloured resin onto your existing teeth. The composite material is then sculpted into place with special instruments to fill in any gaps or irregularities. The final step involves curing the composite material with ultraviolet light. The results are immediate and usually completed within one single visit. At the end of your appointment, your flawless-looking teeth will be strong enough to withstand biting forces and chewing pressure.

Create your dream smile with composite bonding

Patient Testimonials

I feel great about the work that has been done. I’m very pleased and have seen huge improvements.
Dr Ayad genuinely took an interest in the well being of my teeth. I'm grateful to have found a dentist that cares.
If anybody is interested I highly recommend Dr. Ayad for his high quality, excellent service and fabulous results.