The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Cambridgeshire

If you are currently suffering from missing teeth and it’s affecting the confidence in your smile, it’s time to consider a Dental Implant.

Dental implants are a special interest service which can help you overcome the issue of missing teeth. However, it is advised not to be carried out by a dentist that is untrained in this specific area.   

Dr Ayad’s specialist interest in Implants means that he has undertaken a vast amount of training and different courses. He has also performed many different types of implants, so you’ll be safe to know you’re in the hands of an expert.

Missing Teeth Solutions.

Everyone’s missing tooth issues can affect them differently. It may just not affect your confidence, but it can also have an effect on your speech and your eating habits.

Each Dental Implant patient is assessed on their individual issue and advised if it would be a replacement of individual missing teeth or if it would be a reconstruction of the full mouth if the patient has few teeth left.


Dr Ayad is the 19th Surgeon in the UK and the 3rd in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk & Essex to own the X-Guide Navigation System.

The system allows precision implant placement so you’ll get the best results possible.

This also means your scan, plan and treatment can take place in just one visit.

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How much do dental implants cost?

Dr Ayad provides Dental Implant Treatment starting from £2500, with options to spread the cost through monthly payments. The cost depends on the type of treatment you need as each case is different.

Finance available in some clinics up to 60 months.


Most frequent questions and answers

A Dental Implant is an artificial tooth that is implanted to replace a missing tooth. The surgery consists of inserting a titanium screw into the bone in the jaw which will support the artificial tooth. This is the implant. Having a Dental Implant is a long-term solution for missing teeth that replicates your natural smile.

There are a variety of implants which we offer such as singular implants, bridges and implant-retained dentures.

Having a Dental Implant is often seen as a painful procedure. However, it is a surgery where you would be given a local anaesthetic. This means you wouldn’t feel anything.

Many patients are surprised with how comfortable the procedure is.

There are a few things that can affect your treatment time. It all depends on the type of treatment that you had, your medical history, your healing time and your dental history.

You will be informed after your initial consultation by our dental team who will be able to give you an estimated timeframe that you could expect for recovery.

Every patient will continue to be under treatment with us until their desired outcome is accomplished.

Implant surgery is actually more relaxing than you think. Quiet drilling and relaxing music of your choice in the background.

Patient Testimonials

The end result is even better than I had hoped for and I’m no longer afraid to smile!
Very personable and paid great attention to detail with my tooth needs. I never felt any pain. There is no soreness.
As a very nervous patient with dentists, Dr Ayad made me very comfortable and did a great job.