Dental Work Abroad – 4 Reasons Why We Recommend Staying In The UK.

Travelling abroad for dental work is on the rise, with more people than ever looking to get their dream smile on a tight budget. Do you know the risks that come with getting dental work abroad?

Unfortunately, we have seen a rise in patients who have had treatment abroad visiting a UK practice for further corrective treatment.

So, if you’re considering getting dental treatment in one of the popular dental tourism destinations, ensure that you weigh up all the risks. It may sound like the dream and your desire to have that dream smile may cloud your decision, but you must make sure you consider every option. This blog will help you understand the risks involved and help you make an informed decision on whether to get your dental treatment done in the UK or abroad.

What Should You Consider?

While it might seem like a good idea, there are several reasons why you should avoid getting dental work done abroad.

Quality of care

One of the biggest concerns with dental work abroad is the quality of the care you will receive. While there are skilled dentists in other countries, it can be difficult to assess their level of expertise if you aren’t familiar with the local dental industry. You should also consider the language barrier when choosing your destination to travel to. This can make it difficult to speak directly with the dentist leading to misunderstandings and potential complications.

Safety Concerns

Another issue with dental work abroad is the safety of the procedure. Other countries have different standards of care and regulations than the UK, which can lead to unsafe conditions. It also poses a risk of infection or other complications if the equipment or materials used are not effectively sterilised or not maintained to a high standard.

Lack of Legal Recourse

If something, unfortunately, goes wrong with your dental work, you may not have any legal recourse if you had the procedure done abroad. Different countries have different laws and regulations surrounding healthcare, and it can be difficult or impossible to seek legal action against a dentist in another country. This means that you may be on your own if something goes wrong and left needing to seek further dental assistance back in the UK at additional costs.

Follow-Up Care

Finally, consider the follow-up care you may need after a dental procedure. If you have dental work abroad, it may be difficult or impossible to get follow-up care once you return home. This can lead to complications such as infections and further expenses, potentially negating any cost savings from getting the initial procedure done abroad.

How Can I Afford The Treatment In The UK?

If you’ve been considering dental work abroad simply for the reason of expense, then consider the option of finance plans in the UK. Dr Ayad offers financing options, which include monthly payment plans and in some practices, this can be spread over 60 months depending on the treatment. Your health isn’t something that you should risk to save money.

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