Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Patient Background

Patient had suffered with gum disease for years. Was losing teeth at a fast rate and could not cope with loose bulky dentures. Did not wish to have any removable dentures.

Treatment Plan

Started with digitally planning the fabrication of the bridges over 3 visits at the clinic. On surgery day all the teeth were removed to accommodate placement of 4 implants on the top and 4 implants on the bottom. An on site technician on the day completed the bridges to the patients liking and these were fitted. The entire operation took almost 6 hours.

The Process

Temporary bridges are placed on the day of the surgery. Dr Ayad will then review the patient every 2 weeks to ensure cleaning and healing is going as planned. After 4 months of healing the final Zirconia or acrylic bridges (according to patients choice) will be fitted. These will be fabricated using digital dentistry.

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