Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Treatment

Don't just dream about your smile, start your journey with Invisalign.

Invisalign has now become a popular choice of treatment for misaligned teeth. More people opt for clear aligners over traditional metal braces since they are practically invisible, can be removed for special occasions, are easy to maintain good dental hygiene and the treatment time can be significantly shorter than it is with traditional metal braces.

Dr Ayad is an Elite Invisalign provider treating over 50 patients a year with the Invisalign system.

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No Wires Like Normal Braces

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How much does Invisalign cost?

The cost of Invisalign treatment will vary from patient to patient with prices starting from £1500.

Invisalign Express Single Arch: From £1750

Invisalign Express Dual Arch: From £2750

Invisalign Go Single: From £2750

Invisalign Go Dual Arch: From £3750

Invisalign Plus Single: From £3350

Invisalign Plus Dual Arch: From £4350

Finance available in some clinics up to 60 months.

From £1750*


Most frequent questions and answers

If you’re interested in starting Invisalign treatment, the first step would be to book an initial consultation appointment.

At this appointment, Dr Ayad would examine your teeth and decide if Invisalign treatment is the suitable path for you. If suitable, he will then explain the process and answer any questions you may have about the treatment.

Invisalign are bespoke clear aligners made to help straighten your teeth over a series of months. You will wear the aligners every day for around 2 weeks before you move to the next bespoke set. Each set of aligners that you will receive will be slightly different as they are made to carefully guide your teeth through a sequence of movement over the treatment time.

You will work your way through each set of aligners until you have completed all sets. Your treatment journey will consist of several check-ups so that your progress can be monitored and any minor adjustments can be made.

Invisalign has numerous advantages over traditional metal braces. This is why Invisalign treatment has become so popular, with more patients opting for clear aligners over traditional metal braces.

  • Invisalign aligners are removable, which means although you should wear them throughout, you do have the freedom to remove them for a special occasion – a job interview, wedding etc.
  • They are almost invisible, unlike metal braces.
  • As they are removable, it allows for better dental hygiene and the ability to keep the aligners clean.
  • Only require checkups every 6-8 weeks, so, over your treatment journey, the number and length of visits are much less than with traditional metal braces.
  • The Invisalign treatment works by controlling the amount of movement each bespoke aligner delivers. It also controls the timing of the movement and is seen as a more efficient method than traditional braces.

Create and build the best smile with the most renowned quick teeth straightening clear aligners.

Patient Testimonials

Dr Ayad has done wonders for my teeth and given me so much confidence in my smile again!
Dr Ayad is lovely, made me feel so comfortable during my appointment, he’s professional and knowledgeable.
After my Invisalign journey I can finally smile with my new teeth, so happy thanks to Dr. Ayad.